The Chandler Accident Lawyers firm have experience representing victims of serious injury. Clients we assist have suffered injury because of the fault of another party. Devastating injury results from serious accidents and unexpected accident situations. If a serious injury has caused you severe emotional distress, physical pain, and overwhelming financial costs, you may obtain compensation for these losses by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Chandler Accident Lawyers have extensive knowledge of the Arizona personal injury law, experience representing serious injury cases, and the legal services necessary to pursue the maximum compensation deserved by an injury victim.


A wrongful death is the most devastating result of a serious accident. Understandably, losing a loved one to an accident due to the negligence of another person leaves family members feeling like a victim. Chandler Accident Lawyers personal injury firm will offer our professional legal services in order to make the legal process of a wrongful death claim as efficient as possible. Contact an attorney at our firm who will listen to your particular case, offer options and expert legal advice, and determine a strategy for your potential claim.  

If you have lost your loved one to a wrongful death, you need to understand your rights and find answers to any legal question you may have. An attorney will address any concerns you may have, and always proceed with legal action in the best interest of the client.


The serious injury attorneys at Chandler Accident Lawyers personal injury law firm are dedicated to recover maximum compensation for accident victims. As clients recover from their injury, our firm takes care of the legal representation to achieve the best possible outcome for the case.

Our personal injury legal team has helped residents of Arizona involved in accidents resulting in traumatic brain injury, trucking accident injury, motorcycle accident injury, vehicle accident injury, bicycle accident injury , burn injury, spinal cord injury, industrial accident injury, wrongful death, nursing home abuse or negligence, and products and premises liability injury.


Take advantage of an initial case evaluation and consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Each accident and injury case has its specific circumstances. A skilled personal injury attorney will listen to your legal needs and questions. Many of our serious injury clients experience physical injury and emotional trauma. Our firm has helped residents of Arizona recover financial compensation for all losses they deserve in a legal claim including:

• Medical expenses (present and future)

• Suffering due to physical pain

•Physical impairment

•Suffering due to mental anguish

• Costs due to home modifications for injury

•Loss of income

• Loss of quality of life due to injury 


Chandler Accident Lawyers may determine the value of your personal injury lawsuit once the specifics of the case are understood.

A serious personal injury case can be complicated. The attorneys at Chandler Accident Lawyers will hep you to understand the legal process. Also, our expert legal team communicates with our clients as to what to expect as a case moves forward, as well as all specific legal considerations concerning their case.